Captain George J. O'Donnell, Jr. Scholarship

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Connor Aeschbach is a 2021 graduate of South County High School in Lorton, Virginia and will be a freshman at Oregon State University on a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship in the fall. He intends to study civil engineering and has committed to row crew on the university crew team. As a senior at South County, he was captain of the crew, cross-country and indoor track teams. He is also an accomplished cellist who performed in a variety of orchestras and musical groups in Norfolk, Virginia; Omaha, Nebraska; and Lorton, Virginia. He hopes to either be a SEAL or naval flight officer before eventually pursuing a civilian career in engineering. 

Sponsor: VADM Kelly Aeschbach, USN, Commander, Naval Information Forces


Christopher Rielage, a rising senior at Stanford University, is majoring in East Asian studies (China Subplan) including studying Mandarin. He is a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and has joined the Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture program. Last summer he traveled to Beijing on a language immersion program with the University of Notre Dame getting a first-hand look at life in China. He is also a very active member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative which conducts Space security research. Christopher worked as a teacher’s assistant for “The Face of Battle,” a class built around battlefield staff rides and field trips to Washington, D.C. introducing civilian students to the military. Additionally, he has published in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings and Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) and will be writing two major projects this coming year: a thesis on the US Navy in China from 1844 to 1911 and an honors project on the role of non-state actors in space warfare. Christopher plans to start his professional career as a surface warfare officer and pursue intelligence, foreign area officer or attaché work as he progresses. Christopher is the recipient of the 2020 Captain George J. O’Donnell, Jr. Scholarship for the third consecutive year.
Sponsor:  Captain Date Rielage, formerly of COMPACFLT staff

Christopher Rielage, a rising junior at Stanford University, is majoring in East Asian Studies (China Subplan) including studying Mandarin. He is a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and has joined the Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture program. He is undecided about pursuing a career as surface warfare officer or eventually lateral transferring into the intelligence or foreign area officer communities, or ultimately joining a civilian branch of government. Studying China has left him with no illusions about the world after reviewing satellite footage of expanding Uyghur internment camps, reading about the 20th century Chinese famines, and seeing the espionage in Stanford's aerospace research laboratories. He recognizes America's respect for international norms and the rule of law is unique among superpowers and is worth preserving. Christopher is a previous winner of the 2018 O’Donnell Scholarship.

Christopher Rielage is finishing his first year at Stanford University and is majoring in East Asian Studies (China Subplan). He is a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and has joined the Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) program hoping to use these skills as a surface warfare or intelligence officer, or possibly as a foreign area officer or attaché. Active in Stanford’s Forum for American/Chinese Exchange, he is the editor of the "China Review," a weekly analysis of the top news stories on China. He has been heavily involved in both the high school and college Model United Nations and the Society for International Affairs at Stanford.

Lauren A. Scarry, sponsored by CDR Thomas P. Scarry of CNO IP, lives in Ashburn VA. She’ll be starting her third year at Virginia Tech, majoring in National Security and Foreign Affairs, with a minor in Spanish. Her career goal is to work in the intelligence community, particularly in the area of world politics and international relations.


Rand S. Duarte, sponsored by CAPT Beau Duarte at PMA-268, will begin her second year at Stanford University. Her goal is to obtain a degree in international relations with a minor in Arabic language which she plans to utilize in a career of federal service.


Taylor K. Whitworth, will be attending Duke University in International Relations and/or Middle Eastern Comparative Area studies. 
SponsorCAPT Frank Whitworth III, USCENTCOM.


Isaiah C. Gibson 
Sponsor: LT Adriana M. Gibson, HSC Weapons School Pacific


Melissa Dullum, who will be going to William and Mary with the goal of a career in medicine. 
Sponsor: CAPT John Dullum, USN, at CNO/N8