The goal of Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) is to further knowledge of the art and science of naval intelligence. This goal will be achieved through NIP’s sponsorship of publications, services, and events that provide education on the past, present, and future of naval intelligence. NIP will foster an active professional development program, provide a venue for networking across the naval intelligence community of interest, and offer career support services to accelerate the professional growth of its members. It will engage the academic community and the private sector to assist in reaching its goal.

Founded in 1985, NIP is a nonprofit organization incorporated to serve intelligence and associated professionals in the United States Navy, across the sea services, and the public. Its members serve or have served within the naval intelligence community, and include active duty, reserve and retired officers, enlisted personnel, civilians, and personnel from the private sector with naval intelligence experience.

NIP works closely with the affiliated Naval Intelligence Foundation (NIF), whose mission is to solicit, receive, and administer funds and property in order to advance knowledge in the art and science of Naval and Maritime Intelligence, and to recognize and reward academic excellence and professional achievement in the field of Intelligence.

NIP Membership Pillars 


NIP will:

  • Host seminars and symposia focused on career development, lessons learned, and understanding the global maritime environment.
  • Offer the professional development seminars and symposia to intelligence organizations during the working day. This effort will be orchestrated by the national organization and seek to engage professionals from across the community.
  • Chapters will focus events on professional development; the national organization will develop a list of briefings and briefers that can be employed by the chapters.
  • Maintain a web site through which members may conduct research, exchange professional opinions, and post professional items for use of other members.

NIP will:

  • Provide a social networking environment for members that provide a safe and secure environment for collaboration.
  • Continually seek out ways to enhance the online experience of members, including, where possible, the use of best in class portal technologies. Our vision for the portal environment is one that links to:
    • Members.
    • Professional development sites.
    • Calendar of events for both national and chapter organizations.
    • Topical blogs.
    • Career services (e.g., advice and mentoring)
    • Recommended reading lists and reviews of recent articles/books.
    • Employment opportunities.
    • Corporate sponsors.
  • Foster social networking at both the national and chapter levels; senior members will participate in chapter events where possible. Examples include informal networking opportunities at scheduled NIP meetings, as well as at special events such as golf tournaments, book signings, and NIP-sponsored socials.
  • Sponsor NIP presence at major professional organization events.

NIP will:

  • Provide a venue for members to seek and receive career counseling and mentoring.
  • Actively engage the Center of Naval Intelligence and school houses.
  • Facilitate opportunities for members to engage with detailers/Naval Intelligence military and civilian community managers/former selection board members on topics such as promotion board issues, career paths, professional development opportunities, and rotational assignments.
  • Provide promotion package review services for members (officer, enlisted and civilian).
  • Provide transition advice and/or assistance