Being a member of Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) provides you opportunities for professional development and education, networking with other intelligence professionals, and career support services. In addition to these benefits, you can also access additional information on our member-only website.

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Membership Benefits

  • Network with other members at NIP social events and meetings
  • Receive our semi-annual publication, the NIP READBOOK (hardcopy and online)
  • Grow professionally through educational and mentorship opportunities, as well as social events
  • Stay connected to fellow intelligence professionals throughout career and after
  • Get exposure to career opportunities through other members
  • Access Members-only website, which includes news updates, searchable member data base, and a wide range of historical and scholarly documents/professional reading
  • Access NIPMail, an online forum for members to share articles of interest relevant to Naval Intelligence and hold discussions on those articles or other relevant topics.


Full membership is allowed for active duty / former / retired / reserve Intelligence and Cryptologic Officers (183x / 181x / 135x / 163x / 161x / 645x), Intelligence Specialists, civilians and enlisted serving with naval intelligence, and Navy / Marine / Coast Guard intelligence sub-specialists; Army / Air Force Officers with naval intelligence experience.

Those who do not meet the criteria for full membership may apply, but their application must be approved by the Board of Directors.

When you apply online, you will be asked to provide information on how you meet the eligibility requirements. 

Membership Fees

$45.00 annual membership ($35.00 for all 0-1/0-3, CWO and all enlisted rates on active duty or in reserve drill pay status, plus GS-9 and below).

$200.00 five year membership (saves $25.00)

Membership Types

Regular - All Active, Reserve and Retired Officers (O-4 and above); all Active and Retired Civilians (GS/GG-10 and above); all other member classes per NIP By-Laws except REJO membership type

REJO - Reduced rate for all Active, Reserve and Retired Officers (O-3 and below) and Warrant Officers; all Active, Reserve and Retired Enlisted; all Active and Retired Civilians (GS/GG-9 and below)

Free one-year membership - Free one-year memberships are reserved for selected NIP annual individual award winners identified by the NIP Foundation Awards and Essay Committees and graduates of NIOBC and "C" Schools at IWTC Virginia Beach. You must have graduated from the qualifying school within 12 months of the date of the application to receive the free membership.

Once you are logged in to your account, you can:

  • Update your membership information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and other important details)
  • Renew your membership
  • Sign up for NIPMail
  • Search our online directory for other members
  • Interact in the NIP forum
  • Access our semi-annual publication, the NIP READBOOK
  • Access historical copies of the NIP Quarterly (to include most recent publication
  • Access historical documents and professional reading list

*You will be asked to provide the e-mail address you have associated with your member account to recover your password. If for any reason you cannot recover your password, use the contact form and let us know what problems you encountered. Be sure to leave your name and e-mail address.