Academic Year 2024-25 Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program

Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) is a tax-exempt educational and charitable Foundation. Through the Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program, NIP recognizes future leaders who’ve exhibited exceptional potential to contribute to naval intelligence and related national security goals.

Seven $5000 NIP scholarships are available for Academic Year (AY) 2024-25:

Eligible scholarship candidates are:

(1) High school graduates who are dependents (24 years and below) of regular and reserve Navy, Marine Corps, and/or Coast Guard intelligence personnel (officer or enlisted, active duty or retired). Applicants must be accepted to enroll full time (12+ credit hours) in an accredited undergraduate (associate’s or bachelor’s) degree program during AY24; 


(2) An enlisted Naval Intelligence Professional:

The Captain Anthony D. Sesow Scholarship is endowed specifically for enlisted Sailors and Marines serving in an intelligence-related assignment, while enrolled at least part-time (three or more credit hours) in an accredited undergraduate (associate’s or bachelor’s) degree program. Command endorsement must accompany the application.

The CWO4 (Ret) Gene and Kimberly Maguire Scholarship is open to active and reserve component Naval Intelligence Professionals, as well as their dependents, who are enrolled full-time (twelve or more credit hours) in an accredited undergraduate (associate’s or bachelor’s) degree program. This scholarship may be shared between two successful candidates.

NIP scholarships are open to high school graduates working toward an undergraduate (associate’s or bachelor’s) degree in AY 24-25. Post-graduate college students and high school students who have not earned their diplomas before the start of AY 24-25 are ineligible.

Application Process and "Rules of Engagement"

(1) Official Transcript(s) Required. Applications must be accompanied by official transcript(s). Official transcripts will come directly from an educational institution(s), or a scholarship clearinghouse. Transcripts sent directly by an applicant (email or mail) are unofficial and will be discarded.

Best practice is to request transcripts be emailed electronically to:
If an applicant’s educational institution does not offer electronic transcript service, please make a timely request to have hard-copy official transcript(s) sent to:

Naval Intelligence Professionals
Attn: Chairman, Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 11579
Burke, Virginia 22009-1579

Hardcopy transcripts postmarked after 15 April 2024 are ineligible and will be discarded.

(2) Scholarship Applications

A. Submission Portal

Candidates will complete and submit scholarship applications via the NIP Scholarship Application portal, which opens 1 Jan 2024. (The application window is closed until the portal activates.)

The portal will open online at:

***For technical issues with the portal, please contact: for support.

Best practice is to cc: for situational awareness. (Note: the scholarship committee has no ability to resolve technical issues with the portal.)

Note: Completed applications will include (1) an uploaded photo of the applicant suitable for publication (in uniform for enlisted applicants), (2) a valid e-mail address and phone number where applicant can be reached through June 2024; (3) a valid “snail-mail” address where scholarship awardees will be able to receive hardcopy correspondence in the June 2024 timeframe.

B. Application Judging Process

The portal closes tight, 15 April. No applications or transcripts will be accepted afterwards.

Judges will review completed applications and select awardees based on following criteria:

Candidates may include ACT/SAT scores; however, they are not required.

Completed applications will be anonymized in pursuit of a level playing field before judging begins.

A panel of judges with significant career experience in naval intelligence will review and score all completed applications. In addition to considering objective criteria (above), judges will carefully evaluate essays for clarity, demonstrated interest in, and potential to make substantive future contributions to naval intelligence, national intelligence, and/or related national security areas.

C. Enlisted Applicants Only

Command endorsement required. A brief statement signed by the LCPO, Department Head, XO or CO, citing a compelling reason for the scholarship award will suffice and should be uploaded by the applicant to the application portal.

D. Key Dates and Milestones

1 January - application portal opens (
15 April – application portal closes
Scholarship applications with official transcripts, optional SAT and/or ACT scores, and command endorsements (active-duty applicants for the Sesow Scholarship, only) must be received by the NIP Scholarship Committee NLT 15 April 2024.

Applications started prior to the deadline, but not actually submitted by 15 April will be disregarded. Electronic official transcripts received after 15 April will be discarded. Official transcripts sent via USPS, FEDEX, UPS, etc., but postmarked after 15 April will likewise be discarded.

Concluding Remarks

The Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program enables the NIP Foundation to make targeted investments in the future of naval intelligence and U.S. national security. The competition is tough, but best-qualified applicants who invest time and effort to submit a well-crafted application will be rewarded with a useful sum. The Scholarship Committee particularly encourages enlisted Sailors and Marines serving in intelligence assignments to apply. Getting a competitive application together takes some effort, but whether you’re a NIP dependent or an enlisted intelligence professional, every college student can use some extra cash to help cover expenses.

The scholarship application portal opens New Years Day, 2024. Best of luck to all.