Naval Intelligence Awards Program

RADM Donald M. Showers NIOBC (six per year)

The Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) RADM Donald M. "Mac" Showers Award has been presented since 1999. The recipients are the Honor Graduates of each Naval Intelligence Officer Basic Course (NIOBC). The Honor Graduate is that officer with the highest grade point average in his or her class. The award consists of a Certification of Recognition and a 1-year membership in the Naval Intelligence Professionals.

A veteran of World War II service as an intelligence officer in the Pacific theater, RADM Showers enlisted in the Naval Reserve in August 1940, was commissioned in September 1941, and completed 31 years of continuous active duty in 1972. Following retirement from the Navy, he served an additional 12 years with the Central Intelligence Agency as a civilian.

The highlight of his intelligence career was the fortunate assignment in February 1942 to the Combat Intelligence Unit in Pearl Harbor. Under the command of CDR Joseph J. Rochefort, he participated in successful work to support Admiral Nimitz and the Pacific Fleet with vital intelligence gained from decrypts of Japanese naval messages. This support included the Battle of Coral Sea, the Battle of Midway, the Guadalcanal operations, and other Pacific Fleet engagements for the duration of the war.

In January 1945, he was transferred from duty with the Fleet Radio Unit and the Joint Intelligence Center to the Advanced Headquarters staff of Admiral Nimitz on Guam as Assistant Fleet Intelligence officer under Captain E. T. Layton. His service in this position continued through April 1946.

After transfer to the U. S. Navy as an intelligence specialist in 1946, Admiral Showers continued duties in operational intelligence on the CNO Staff with subsequent tours on Navy staffs in Europe, San Diego, and the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. His last assignment before retirement was as Chief of Staff of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon.

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May 2022 NIOBC Honor Grad Ens Remis
CAPT (Ret) Mike Ortwein (right) presents the Admiral Showers Outstanding Graduate Award to ENS Emma Remis, the honor graduate for her NIOBC class, 25 May 2022. (IWTC Virginia Beach)



ENS Vincent Traver  (17 February 2023)
ENS Sullivan Morgus, USN (7 Apr 2023)
LTjg Elizabeth Herington, USN (24 May 2023)
ENS Aaron Brooks (22 November 2023)


ENS Jonathan Danby, USN (11 February 2022)
ENS Alex Austin Spenrath, USN (7 April 2022) 
ENS Emma Kathleen Remis, USN (25 May 2022) 
ENS Hiroto Saito, USN (13 July 2022)
LTJG Eric Houlihan, USN (7 September 2022)
LTJG Amy Wikle, USN (23 November 2022)


ENS Marcus Thompson, USN (8 Sep 2021)
ENS Kristina Wirkowski, USN (10 Nov 2021)
ENS Clarissa He, USN
ENS Hayden Anderson, USN
ENS Jonathan Danby, USN
ENS Tushar Madan, USN
ENS Robert Bellantoni, USN


ENS Darrah Garren, USN (January 2020)
Ensign Erika Trujillo, USN (April 2020)
ENS Danielle Kitchen, USN (May 2020)
ENS Michael Martenak, USNENS (July 2020)
Christopher Kessler, USN (September 2020)
ENS India June, USN (November 2020)

CAPT Josh Himes (Commanding Officer, JICCENT) presents the Rear Admiral Donald M. Showers NIOBC Honor Graduate award to ENS Danielle Kitchen. ENS Kitchen
CAPT Josh Himes (Commanding Officer, JICCENT) presents the Rear Admiral Donald M. Showers NIOBC Honor Graduate award to ENS Danielle Kitchen. ENS Kitchen graduated from NIOBC in May 2020 and is currently assigned to JICCENT.

ENS Nick Dunakey, USN
ENS Jacob Kocsis, USN
ENS Sean Kesluk, USN
LT Daniel Antoun, USN
ENS Leah Alstad, USN
LT Carson Talley, USN
ENS Darrah Garren, USN


LTJG Benjamin R. Hagan, USN
LTJG Brett Enlow, USN
ENS Connor Martin, USN
LTJG Stephen Sawyer, USN
ENS Taylor Stipe, USN
ENS Sean Roberts, USN


LT Sean Philbin, USN
ENS Shelly M. Taflinger, USN


No awardees named


ENS Elizabeth Solch


LT Christian Stover, USN
ENS Robert Clavin, USN
ENS Michael Delong, USN
ENS Michael Kessler, USN


LT Cody Titensor, USN
LT Nicholas Gritz, USN
LT George Whittle, USN
LT Jacob Wilson, USN
ENS Marc Langer, USN
ENS Christopher Chong, USN
ENS Edward Harris, USN
LT Andrew Thompson, USN


ENS Ian Kriegish, USN
LTJG John Gibson, USN
ENS Ian Crone, USN
ENS Keal Harter, USN
LT Nicholas Gritz, USN


ENS Lucian Smith, USN
LT Joseph Jankola, USN
LCDR Michael Tsonis, USN
ENS Rebekkah Adler, USN
ENS Charles M. Trausch, USN
LT (name removed upon request), USN
ENS Gregory Chasse, USN


ENS Daniel McIlvane, USN
ENS Thomas A. McGuire, USN
ENS Elizabeth D. Clarke, USN
LTJG Corey N. Byrne, USN
ENS Alexander R. Morstadt, USN
ENS Jeremy D. Parson, USN
LT Devron Eakins, USN


ENS Mark J. Ananka, USN
LTJG Jay B. Border II, USN
LT James B. Cole, USN
ENS Eric S. Shroyer, USN
ENS Benjamin E. Click, USN


LCDR Gregory L. Morris, USN
ENS David C. Tebbe, USNR
LT Stephen Isaac W. Dowden, USNR
ENS Harrison E. Osbourn, USN
ENS Sean B. Cantwell, USN
LT Adam L. Albarado, USN


LT Kristi M. Lemkuhler, USN
ENS Jonas P. Akins, USNR
ENS Brett T. Kirwan, USNR
ENS Will M. Harper, USNR
LCDR Stephen F. Mann, USNR
ENS Trevor J. Walsh, USN


LTjg Kenneth Myrick, USNR
1stLt Pritha Mahadevan, USMC
LTjg Stephen G. Sandoval, USNR
LT James Ireland, USNR
ENS Adam C. Waltz, USNR
ENS Phillip P. Menard, USNR


LTjg Julie Reed, USNR
2nd LT Kim Rossiter, USMC
ENS Raoul Magana, USNR
1st LT Sea Thomas, USMC
LTJG Jason Turse, USNR
LT Jennifer Gillooly, USNR


2nd LT Daniel W. Laus, USMCR
ENS Myles A. Ranstead, USNR
2nd Lt Joseph P. Larson, USMCR
LTJG Emily Williams, USNR
ENS Matthew Wilson, USNR
ENS Shane Winker, USNR


LTjg Victor B. Minella, USNR
2nd LT Meredith E. Tobin, USMCR
ENS Jeffrey S. Molineux, USNR
ENS Charles S. Meyer, USNR
2nd LT Kirk Dooley, USMCR
ENS Gautam R. Kharkar, USNR


ENS Jeffrey Rogish, USNR
ENS Allan M. Baker, USNR
ENS James Christensen, USNR
LT Melissa A. McSwain, USN
ENS Alan L. Weinraub, USNR
ENS Jill B. Goolsby, USNR
ENS Cristobal Miranda, USNR


2nd LT Jeremy W. Bleavin, USMC
LTJG Kristofer J. Scott, USNR
LTJG Joshua Prueher, USN
ENS John B Hansen, USNR
LTJG Samuel Zager, USNR