VADM Rufus L. Taylor Award for Leadership

The Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award* was established in 1985 to recognize leadership from deserving Active or Reserve Component officer, enlisted, or civilian personnel who exemplify excellence and exceptional dedication to duty within the Naval Intelligence community. Active and Reserve Component Naval Intelligence officers (183X/683X) in grades O-4 through O-6, Intelligence Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) (783X) in grades CWO-3 through CWO-5, intelligence specialists in grades E-7 through E-9, and civilians GS-13 through GS-15 (or equivalent) are eligible. Two candidates will be selected for this award: one Active or civilian candidate, and one Reserve Component candidate.

*This award is not sponsored by NIP.

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Active: CAPT Andrew W. Boyden, Naval Special Warfare Development Group


Active: CDR John D. Heavrin, Submarine Group SEVEN
Reserve: CDR Christopher R. Whipps, Navy Reserve U.S. CENTCOM J2 Jacksonville
Mr. Shawn P. Moyer, Kennedy Maritime Analysis Center


Active: CAPT Joshua C. Himes, U.S. Central Command
Reserve: CDR Gautam R. Kharkar, Naval Reserve (NR) Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters 0366



Active:  LCDR Jay P. McVann, Carrier Air Wing ONE
Reserve: CDR Jennifer L. Gillooly, NR Office of Naval Intelligence, Nimitz Command Support Unit


Active: CAPT Anthony Butera, U.S. Strategic Command, Joint Intelligence Operations Command
Reserve: CDR John Brittingham, NR Joint Intelligence Operations


Active: CAPT Joshua Himes, Defense Intelligence Agency
Reserve: CDR Rebecca Price, Naval Reserve, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Intelligence 0194



Active: CAPT Michael Hannan, Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center
Reserve: ISCS(IW/AW/EXW/SW) Jonathan Bocek, Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center Direct Support Element-Targeting 0294


Active: CDR Craig M. Whittinghill, USAFRICOM Joint Intelligence Operations Command (JIOC)
Reserve: ISC(EXW/NAO) Benno O. Sauermann, Navy Reserve Defense Intelligence Agency HQ 0501