Equipment Donated to USS Midway CVIC Restoration Project

Ms. Diana Guglielmo (NIP San Diego member and USS Midway docent) received a donation of photographic interpretation equipment, light table lens, and high value target playing cards from Mr. Lance Chang (another NIP San Diego member) in support of the USS Midway CVIC Restoration Project on 13 February 2024. Both Chang and Guglielmo work at the Undersea Warfighting Development Center in San Diego, California. The photographic interpretation tools and measurement devices will be incorporated into the imagery and light table display inside of CVIC, which is anticipated to open to the public in May 2025. The CVIC spaces are currently undergoing physical restoration and hazmat removal in preparation for the exhibit development phase of the project.

If you would like to donate artifacts, stories, or time to the USS Midway CVIC restoration project, please contact Diana at

Note: NIP members donated $20K to the project, and the USS Midway Museum is graciously funding the remaining bulk of the projected costs. 

Although we're not seeking additional contributions for this specific effort, those wishing to support USS Midway Museum and NIP historical preservation projects in other ways can do so via: USS Midway Museum or donating to NIP.