Naval Intelligence Awards Program

RADM Thomas A. Brooks Junior Officer of the Year (afloat and ashore)

The Director of Naval Intelligence RADM Thomas A. Brooks Intelligence Junior Officer of the Year Award was established and endowed in 2002 by RADM Thomas A. Brooks, USN. The award recognizes junior officers for their leadership, performance, special accomplishments, and overall contribution to command efficiency, morale and welfare. There are currently three awards given each year in the following categories: afloat, ashore, and expeditionary. The winner is selected by boards convened at COMFLTFORCOM N2 and ONI each year to select a Junior Officer of the Year for each of the categories. The award consists of a commemorative wall plaque and a 1-year membership in Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP).

Rear Admiral Brooks enlisted in the Naval Reserve in the mid-1950s, and came on active duty in 1958. He was commissioned via Officer Candidate School as a Special Duty Officer (Intelligence) and served some 33 years as a Naval Intelligence officer, retiring in 1991 as the Director of Naval Intelligence. He obtained his Bachelors degree from Fordham University and Masters degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Afloat and operational assignments have included Staff, Amphibious Group THREE; Commanding Officer, NISO Viet Nam; and N2, COMSECONDFLT. He served as the Assistant Naval Attach, Istanbul., Turkey; the Executive Secretary, CNO Executive Panel; Head, CNO Intelligence Plot; Officer-in Charge, FOSIC CINCLANTFLT; Commanding Officer, Navy Field Operational Intelligence Office, Ft Meade, MD; J-2, CINCLANT; and J-2, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Upon retirement, RADM Brooks began a ten year career with AT&T, where he held a variety of positions. In 1995, he was appointed to the Defense Policy Board. He served on the Defense Science Board Summer Study of 1997, was also appointed to the Joint Security Commission in 1999, and as one of three Presidential appointees to the Security Policy Advisory Board from 1998 through 2001. From 2000 through 2006, he was a member of the President's Council for the National Labs at University of California. From 1999 through 2006, Admiral Brooks was an Adjunct Faculty member at the National Defense Intelligence College, where he has taught courses on Intelligence History, Warning, and Industry-Intelligence Relations. He is past president of Naval Intelligence Professionals, past president of National Military Intelligence Association, and past Board member of Security Affairs Support Association.

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Afloat - LT Ryan L. Meder, USN
Ashore - LT Grace A. Jones, USN

Ashore – LT Amber N. Bixler, USN; US Strategic Command 
Afloat – LT Jonathan J. Hilzinger, USN; Destroyer Squadron TWO 

Ashore - LTJG Ryan Kaufman, USN
Afloat - LTJG Ian Memmi, USN

Ashore - LT Timothy Laufer, USN
Afloat - LT Jason Figgeroa, USN

Ashore - LT Roger Long, USN
Afloat - LT Bruce Kimbrell, USN

Ashore - LTJG Kenneth M. Panfilio, USN
Afloat - LT Aura E. Gaines, USN


Afloat - LT Christopher M. Bingham, USN
Ashore - LT Benjamin E. Click, USN
Expeditionary - LT Ryan A. Weber, USN

Afloat - LTJG Stewart M. Vidmar, USN
Ashore - LT Joseph M. Hatfield, USN
Expeditionary - LT Willard E. Ball, USN

Afloat - LT Kreg A. Lesage, USN
Ashore - LTjg Darnell T. Harris, USN
Ashore - LT Christopher R. Loper, USN
Expeditionary - LT Lewis H. Edmonds, USN

Afloat - LCDR Sarah A. Sherwood, USN
Ashore - LT Seth I. Ephrussi, USN
Expeditionary - LT Christopher J. Callahan, USN

Afloat - LT Nam Chann, USN
Ashore - LT Joseph C. Michaels, USN

Afloat - LT Josie J. Rodriguez, USN
Ashore - LT USN Expeditionary - LTJG Taryne C. Williams, USN

Afloat - LT Lydia B. Pearson, USN
Ashore - LTJG Curtis A. Beling, USN ENS Benjamin E. Click, USN

Afloat - LT David Silva, USN
Ashore - LT Melissa A Maclin, USN

Afloat - LT Michael A. Hubbard, USN
Ashore - LT Michael D. Froemke, USN

Afloat - LT Danielle M. Lukich, USN
Ashore - LT David J. Sanchez, USN

Afloat - LTJG Teddy G. Tan, USNR

LTJG John D. Kriegsman, USNR
LT Bryan H. Leese, USNR
LTJG Bradley J. Waltermire, USNR
LT Thomas A. Smith, USNR
LT Jason C. English, USN