Naval Intelligence Awards Program

Herman Dworkin for Maritime Analytic Excellence

The Herman Dworkin award is presented annually to the civilian or military analyst working maritime issues who exemplifies, through his/her work and attitude, Mr. Dworkin's traits of analytic expertise, strength of character, initiative, industriousness and exactitude. The "Herman Dworkin award for excellence in Soviet naval analysis" was established jointly in 1983 by the Director, DIA and the Director of Naval Intelligence. In 2001, the award name and criteria, by direction of DIA and Naval Intelligence seniors were modified to be more inclusive, by removing all geographic inference.

The award, it should be noted, is not necessarily to identify the single best analyst, but rather to choose a member of the naval and maritime analytic community (either regional or functional specialty), who is viewed as an exemplary representative of the group as a whole, an individual routinely performing in a fashion characteristic of Mr. Dworkin. Herm, as he was fondly known on both sides of the Atlantic, served in both ONI and DIA for over 20 years as an outstanding analyst and a highly respected representative of the United States Intelligence Community in many international fora, before his untimely death in 1982.

The award consists of a commemorative wall plaque and a 1-year membership in NIP. In addition, the winner's name is placed on a large wall plaque kept on display at the Office of Naval Intelligence.

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LCDR Robert A. Saborsky, USN

Mr. Christopher M. Hendricks; Office of Naval Intelligence

Mr. Adrian J. Black

Mr. Terrence Kolb

Ms. Oriana Scherr

Mr. Kenneth P. Wooten

Mr. Timothy W. Bishop

Ms. Faith Grigg

CDR Christopher Sharman, USN

LCDR Charleese R. Sampa, USN

Mr. Charles W. Cessna