Taps: LTC Jane Wawersik

03 December 2018. LTC Jane Wawersik, Alaska National Guard. Born April 10, 1972, she was, in the words of fellow Big Pink resident and stalwart Ann Buntz, "a fun-loving, spirited, strong woman."

I can attest to that, since we would have animated discussions about the nature of military life, and the special role of the National Guard component in the Total Force. She was assigned to IG duties, and had strong feelings about oversight, justice and perseverance. In her last tour, she worked at the Guard Washington HQ, located across the street from our building on the grounds of historic Arlington Hall Station. Her unique perspective from America's Last Frontier conveyed the vastness of her state and the challenges that are inherent to operations there.

The day we watched her Alaska-plated 1980 Bronco arrive on a truck brought back all the joys of military moves. Even from the fourth floor, it was a stately arrival, like that of a warship arriving at the pier. The Bronco has waited patiently in the lot since, near where I park the Panzer, and is a constant reminder of her presence there.

Sometimes we would exchange turns to make the run to the Class Six store at Ft. Myer for re-enforcement beverages to slake the thirst of the regulars on the pool deck.

She lived in Marty One's old apartment on the second floor, the one Food Bank Charlie remodelled. It is a nice spot, overlooking the pool. She became a member of the Pool Mafia before her health declined, and the vibrance she projected as the gang convened on the various patios that line the aquatic centre made it almost impossible to believe the doctors had already delivered the prognosis that she would not survive the year.

Courageous to the end. She was a great soldier. Her friends are going to miss her a lot.

- Vic