Avery Glize-Kane

08 January 2016 Maitre Avery Glize-Kane, 76, of Cannes, France, after a valiant battle with cancer.
Avery is one of those women who captivates you at first meeting, and stays with you in memory the rest of your life. I wish she had told me when we had lunch in Bethesda two years ago that it would be our last meeting.
She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 18, 1939. She moved to France after graduating from Trinity College to attend law school in Nice, and despite being a newcomer to the language, graduated at the top of her class. As her obituary in the New York Times noted, “Avery then served the Cote d'Azur for more than forty years as a bilingual French lawyer. She founded the Riviera Council of the U.S. Navy League, and later served as Honorary Consulate of the United States in Nice.”

She counted hundreds of friends in the US Navy, from five star Admirals down to boot recruits, and too many friends on the Riviera to count.
In both official capacities she welcomed naval ships to la Côte d'Azur with full fanfare. She routinely entertained the Fleet and friends from all over the world in her 19th century villa, including your editor while on the 1990 Mediterranean Cruise of USS Forrestal (CV-59).
She was loved and respected by a generation of Naval Officers and became a Fleet institution. She will be dearly missed by all her friends and family. She is survived by her loving daughter, Dr. Ferney Santini and her husband, Jean-Jacques Santini, two adored grandchildren, and three brothers.
Services were held on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at Holy Trinity Church, Cannes France.