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The NIP READBOOK is NIP's new magazine, published semi-annually in the spring and fall of each year, available exclusively to our members.

Our first edition was released in October 2020. Filled with professional articles, thought pieces, leadership notes, historical articles, member updates, book reviews, and more - you don’t want to miss it!

NIP Quarterly (all editions)

The NIP Quarterly was the NIP publication produced from NIP’s inception in 1985 until 2013. The magazine serves as a sort of history our our organization, following NIP through the years with documentation of events that took place. It also contains a wealth of interesting and thought-provoking articles and perspectives provided by many of our members over the years. 

NIP Recommended Reading List

There is a great deal to be learned from the titles listed here. Many of them provide historical lessons learned, others provide guidance on the art of intelligence.

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Writing for NIP

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