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A Recommended Reading List

Led by RADM Tom Brooks (Ret.) and ISCM Dave Mattingly (Ret.), NIP has constructed a list of books (fiction and non-fiction) which are considered to be “classics” in each of the intelligence disciplines.

The beginnings of this list are included below. The object is to list two or three of the best books in each discipline, and we anticipate that the list will undoubtedly change over time as the readership suggests books that they consider better than the ones on the current list.

Recommended Reading

*MUST READ* China Counterintelligence Cyber & Information Warfare Fiction Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Intelligence Analysis/Indications and Warning Intelligence and National Decision-making Leadership Naval Intelligence History (General) Naval War College Digital Commons Other Reading Lists/Key Resources Special Operations / Counter Terrorism WWI/WWII/Cold War

CNO Professional Reading Library

Nearly 200 years ago, the Navy ordered its ships be outfitted with a reading list of 37 books in order to help train and educate Sailors. The Navy’s leaders knew then what is still the case today: to outthink our competitors we must study and apply lessons we’ve learned from our past. Furthermore, it is critically important for our Navy to be a learning organization. And one of the very best ways to do that is to foster an environment where every Sailor deepens their level of understanding and learning.


Information Warfare 2022 Recommended Reading List

Information Warriors must continue to hone their skills and grow as leaders to drive our culture. We believe the books listed, generated by a variety of community leaders, will help build this culture and foster curiosity and learning.


US Naval Institute Professional Reading Program

The Navy’s Professional Reading Program’s reading list is aligned with the Chief of Naval Operations’ tenets and Lines of Effort (LOE): Strengthening Naval Power at and from the Sea; Achieving High Velocity Outcomes at Every Level; Strengthening Our Navy Team for the Future; and Expanding and Strengthening our Network of Partners. These LOEs have themes common to all sailors — Integrity, Accountability, Initiative, and Toughness. The books are organized by the Lines of Effort


Iran Navy Capabilities

Office of Naval Intelligence news publications and other media.


Russia Naval Capabilities

Office of Naval Intelligence news publications and other media.


China Navy Capabilities

Office of Naval Intelligence news publications and other media.


Navy MWR Digital Library

The Navy MWR Digital Library provides online resources for Navy families, Sailors, retirees, and civilians for recreation, professional development, and academic support.

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Into the Unknown: A Reading List for the Knowledge Warrior

By Wolf Melbourne
This article was originally featured on CIMSEC. Permission to post it on the NIP website provided by Wolf Melbourne.


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