Naval Intelligence Professionals Bookshelf

A Recommended Reading List

Led by RADM Tom Brooks (Ret.) and ISCM Dave Mattingly (Ret.), NIP has constructed a list of books (fiction and non-fiction) which are considered to be “classics” in each of the intelligence disciplines.

The beginnings of this list are included below. The object is to list two or three of the best books in each discipline, and we anticipate that the list will undoubtedly change over time as the readership suggests books that they consider better than the ones on the current list.

Recommended Reading

*MUST READ* China Counterintelligence Cyber & Information Warfare Fiction Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Intelligence Analysis/Indications and Warning Intelligence and National Decision-making Leadership Naval Intelligence History (General) Naval War College Digital Commons Other Reading Lists/Key Resources Special Operations / Counter Terrorism WWI/WWII/Cold War

Contact on Gorky Street

By Greville Wynne
This classic is the story of Oleg Penkovsky, how the Brits recruited him and how the US/UK team handled him.


Billion Dollar Spy

By David Hoffman
This is the story of Adolf Tolkachev who, from the US  Navy's perspective,  was the most valuable Soviet spy CIA recruited in the closing days of the Cold War. It was a purely CIA operation with no naval intelligence participation, but the info Tolkachev provided was of inestimable value to the U.S. Navy.