2024 NIP Red Tie Luncheon: Recognizing our Distinguished Awardees and Hearing Impactful Words from Our DDNI

On Thursday, 25 April 2024, 80 Naval Intelligence professionals gathered for the annual NIP Red Tie luncheon at the Army Navy Country Club (ANCC) in Arlington, Virginia. In addition to recognizing this year’s Red Tie Award winners—Mr. Michael Borland and Lieutenant Commander (Ret) Terry Wilton (posthumously)—the event featured our new Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence (DDNI), Mr. Steve Parode, as the guest speaker, who knocked it out of the park with his remarks.  

The first order of business, after the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, led by Rear Admiral (Ret) Tom Brooks, was to present the Red Tie awards. NIP Chair Vice Admiral (Ret) Bob Sharp paid a heartfelt tribute to the late Terry Wilton, recognizing his tremendous contributions to NIP and Naval Intelligence, and he noted that this was the first NIP luncheon in a long time at which Terry wasn’t manning the registration table. Ms. Lorraine Sands, who has worked side-by-side with Terry over the past several years, accepted the award on Terry’s behalf and will deliver it to Terry’s sons, Michael and Matthew. Sharp then presented the Red Tie award to Michael Borland for his incredible 37-year career in Naval Intelligence. In his acceptance remarks, Borland recounted his career, often with humorous stories that involved members of the audience, and recognized all those who had contributed to his success. 

This year’s Red Tie guest speaker, Mr. Steve Parode, gave an engaging, entertaining, and highly impactful speech. After describing his unique path to becoming a cryptologist in the U.S. Navy (achieving the rank of rear admiral), he shifted gears toward the urgency of being prepared for the threat the United States faces today, and he emphasized the critical role that Naval Intelligence plays—and will play— in any potential conflict. 

Although this year’s Red Tie luncheon was bittersweet this year, with the remembrance of Terry Wilton, the event is always a great opportunity to recognize some of our best. NIP looks forward to seeing everyone back at ANCC this coming fall for the annual General Meeting and Luncheon on 25 October 2024. Mark your calendars now!

VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp presents NIP Red Tie award to Michael Borland (left).
VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp presents NIP Red Tie award for LCDR (Ret) Terry Wilton (posthumously) to Lorraine Sands.
Steve Parode, Deputy DNI, was the guest speaker.
Michael Borland, with award in hand, smiles for the camera while VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp introduces the Red Tie award.
Sandy Brown, Assistant Deputy DNI, and Mr. Steve Parode, Deputy DNI at the NIP Red Tie luncheon.
(L-R): RADM (Ret) Tom Brooks and John Gadow
The NIP Red Tie luncheon at Army Navy Country Club, 25 Apr 2024.
An auspicious trio: VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp, Michael Borland, David Cattler.
Former COMONIs and Deputy COMONIs who were at the Red Tie luncheon gathered for a photo op (L-R): VADM (Ret) Jake Jacoby, RADM (Ret) Mike Studeman, Michael Borland, and Michael Waschull.
Socializing before the luncheon (L-R): Tom Maloney, Dr. Judith Pearson, CAPT (Ret) Nels Litsinger, Celia Jacoby, VADM (Ret) Jake Jacoby, Adm (Ret) Bill Studeman, CAPT (Ret) John Rodgaard
(L-R): CAPT Nick Shepard, LCDR Jon Hilzinger, LT Saungwon Ko, Tim Smith.
(L-R): Jeff Ringhausen, Megan Dane, Sandy Brown, Andrew Richardson, Michael Borland.
(L-R): Celia Jacoby, CAPT (Ret) Jaime Navarro, CAPT (Ret) Val Ormond, VADM (Ret) Jake Jacoby
(L-R): Michael Borland, Abraham Borum III, Andrew Richardson, David Cattler.
CAPT (Ret) Brian Nicholson brought several civilians to fill a Naval Intelligence Activity (NIA) table.
(L-R): CAPT (Ret) John Rodgaard, Adm (Ret) Bill Studeman, and RADM (Ret) Michael Studeman…sporting their red NIP ties.
(L-R): RADM Russ Smith, Jeff Ringhausen, and RADM (Ret) Paul Becker.
(L-R): Our Marine reps: Mike Decker, John Adams, Jay Bruder.
(L-R): RADM (Ret) Tom Brooks admires CAPT (Ret) John Rodgaard’s latest book Tailships, the story of destroyers (DDs) and escort ships (DEs), primarily, with towed array sonars chasing Soviet submarines in the Mediterranean Sea in the 1970–73 timeframe. (The book available on Amazon.com.)
(L-R): VADM Trey Whitworth converses with CAPT (Ret) Dave McMunn.
(L-R): Representing Jane’s Fighting Ship: Jack McNulty and Jane’s President Sam Gordy.
(L-R): Sam Gordy, Mike Decker, Dennis Dubois.
(L-R): Hardly a replacement for Terry Wilton, CDR (Ret) Sue Himes (center) and CAPT (Ret) Steph Leung (right) help Lorraine Sands hold down the fort at the registration tables.
(L-R): CDR (Ret) Sue Himes and CAPT (Ret) Steph Leung enjoy checking in attendees for the luncheon.
VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp addresses participants at the NIP Red Tie luncheon.