Steve Parode Assumes Duties as DDNI

Mr. Steve Parode assumed responsibilities as the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence and Director, Naval Intelligence Activity in November. He is also the acting DNI until Vice Admiral Karl Thomas arrives.

Parode is a retired Rear Admiral who served 35 years in the U.S. Navy as a cryptologist, surface warfare officer and information warfare flag officer. He became a Defense Executive Senior Level member in August 2020 and was most recently the Executive Director of Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group before becoming the DDNI.

Scott Bray, the former DDNI and NIA Director, turned over his DDNI and NIA responsibilities to Sandy Brown on 27 October 2023. Brown held the position temporarily until Parode came onboard. Bray is now the Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security for NATO. He had been the DDNI since January 2020 and was also serving as the acting DNI after Vice Admiral Trussler retired in August 2023.