NIP Elects CAPT (Ret) Steve Horrell for President

NIP elected retired Captain Steve Horrell as its new president at the annual General Membership and Board of Directors Meeting on Friday, 27 October 2023. Captain Horrell took over the position from retired Captain Bill Bray, who served for an exceptional six years. 

"It has been an honor to serve as NIP President for the past 6 years," Bray said. He made a point of thanking all Board members, past and present "for their selfless service in keeping NIP a vital organization and moving it forward into new territory.” He added, "I am excited about where NIP is and where it is going.” He also thanked the three NIP Chairs under whom he served — Tony Cothron, Lynn Wright, and Bob Sharp, recognizing them as “great leaders, great naval intelligence professionals, and great visionaries with energy and passion.”  

CAPT (Ret) Bill Bray and VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp
NIP Chair VADM (Ret) Bob Sharp (right) thanked CAPT (Ret) Bill Bray for his service as President of NIP

Captain Horrell is a long-time NIP member who served as a Naval Intelligence officer for 30 years. In the two years since retiring from active duty, he has remained active in the national security sector as a fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis and as an adjunct professor for the U.S. Naval War College, College of Distance Education. He now looks forward to the opportunity to help NIP continue its important task of furthering the Naval Intelligence profession and community.  

Thank you to Captain Bray for his dedication and service to our organization these past six years. NIP has flourished under your leadership. And welcome to Captain Horrell!