2023 Naval Intelligence Community Awards Announced

CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED// ROUTINE R 251821Z OCT 23 MID120000571038U FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN CMC WASHINGTON DC COMDT COGARD WASHINGTON DC INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS NAVADMIN 253/23 MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/OCT// SUBJ/2023 NAVAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AWARDS RESULTS// REF/A/MSG/CNO WASHINGTON DC/171126ZMAY23// AMPN/REF A IS NAVADMIN 114/23, 2023 NAVAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AWARDS SOLICITATION.// POC/STACY, D M/ISCS/NIA-N00/ EMAIL: DIANA.M.STACY.MIL(AT)US.NAVY.MIL// POC/HALL, H N/CIV/NIA-N1/ EMAIL: HEATHER.N.HALL38.CIV(AT)US.NAVY.MIL// RMKS/1. It is with great pleasure that I announce the selectees for the 2023 Naval Intelligence Community Awards. Each of these selectees should be commended for their outstanding contribution to Naval Intelligence. 2. Rear Admiral Thomas A. Brooks Intelligence Junior Officer of the Year: a. Sea: LT Austin G. Parker, Naval Special Warfare Development Group b Shore: LT Amanda R. Brown, Information Warfare Training Command, Virginia Beach 3. Commander Dan F. Shanower Intelligence Specialist of the Year Awards: a. Senior Sea: IS1(IW/SW) Jeremy J. Faller, USS CHAFEE (DDG 90) b. Senior Shore: IS1(IW/SW) Michael T. Colorado, Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet c. Junior Sea: IS2(AW) Jonathan R. Street, Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-11) d. Junior Shore: IS2(IW) Ruth A. Amayachavez, U.S. Indo- Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center 4. Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award for Leadership: a. CAPT Andrew W. Boyden, Naval Special Warfare Development Group 5. Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award for Excellence in Intelligence Instruction: a. IS1(IW/EXW/AW) Yoanny E. Jose, Information Warfare Training Command, San Diego b. IS1(IW/SW/AW) Brandonjoe U. Juan, Information Warfare Training Command, Virginia Beach 6. Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton Award for Leadership and Mentorship: a. CDR Elizabeth D. Clarke-Glynn, Joint Intelligence Command, United States Africa Command b. CDR Declan B. Glynn, Joint Intelligence Operations Center, Europe Analytic Center c. CDR Daniel W. Robison, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center d. LCDR Ann C. Bednash, Carrier Strike Group TWELVE e. LCDR Brian G. Bules, Carrier Strike Group EIGHT f. LCDR Samson J. Covert, Naval Special Warfare Group ONE g. ISC(IW/EXW) James A. Berkvam, Naval Special Warfare Group ONE h. ISC(IW/SW) John P. Graeff, Naval Special Warfare Mission Support Center i. IS1(IW/SW/AW) Ashlyn R. Lowe, Amphibious Squadron FIVE 7. Herman Dworkin Award for Maritime Analytic Excellence: a. 2021: Mr. Derek G. Peters, United States Naval Forces Europe and Africa, SIXTH FLEET b. 2022: CDR William B. Fox, United States Africa Command 8. I am honored to lead such a fine cadre of Intelligence Professionals and congratulate you all for your service to the Nation. BRAVO ZULU! 9. Released by Mr. Scott W. Bray, Acting, Director of Naval Intelligence, OPNAV N2N6C.// BT #0001 NNNN CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//