NIP’s Red Tie Reception Honors Red Tie Award Winners

Our Red Tie Reception this past Friday was a great success, as a crowd of 75 young and veteran NIP members gathered on a perfect spring day to enjoy fellowship and celebrate our Red Tie Award winners. We presented the 2020 award, posthumously, to Ms. Melissa Drisko. Her husband, Mr. Phil Kosmacki, was extremely grateful to NIP for remembering his wife. Our 2021 award was given to RADM (Ret) Sam Cox who, in his acceptance speech, eloquently articulated  the importance of remembering our Navy history and what Naval Intelligence has done for our nation and Navy. Sam Cox truly deserves our respect for his career accomplishments and for his continued work for national security.  (14 May 2021, Army-Navy Country Club, Arlington VA)

Event Photos

RADM (Ret) Sam Cox provides remarks after receiving the 2021 Red Tie Award 
NIP President RDML (Ret) Tony Cothron presents Mr. Phil Kosmacki with Melissa Drisko’s Red Tie Award 
RDML (Ret) Tony Cothron presents 2021 Red Tie Award to RADM Sam Cox 
RADM (Ret) Sam Cox and VADM Bob Sharp 
CAPT Charleese Sampa-Hasan chats with RADM (Ret) Tom Brooks 
CAPT (Ret) Paul Lasko, CAPT (Ret) “Cappy” Kid, RADM (Ret) Brooks and CAPT (Ret) Ron St. Martin 
NIP President CAPT (Ret) Bill Bray and CAPT Dale Rielage 
CAPT (Ret) Stephanie Leung, CAPT (Ret) Dick Pera and RADM (Ret) Paul Becker 
CAPT and Mrs. Albert Angel, CDR Joe Fraser, CAPT Charleese Sampa-Hasan 
LCDR Abby Lohr (with her husband) and Midshipman Katariina Alanko (from Cornell U) 
Norman Polmar, CAPT (Ret) John Rodgaard, ISCM (Ret) Dave Mattingly  
DC-View-from -ANCC
A beautiful view of Washington, DC from the Army Navy Country Club