US Naval Institute-NIP 2017 Essay Contest Update

NIP Colleagues,

Bill Hamblet, Executive Editor for Digital Content at the U.S. Naval Institute Press sent us an update on the excellent essays that were submitted to last year’s contest. He also indicated that he published a piece online last week by an 1835 LCDR C. Randolph Whipps.  It was submitted for last year’s Naval Intel essay contest, and then edited it down to a commentary titled “Bring High-Velocity Learning to Information Warfare”

Here is the link, though you will have to be a member of the USNI to click through to it:

The Essay Contest has generated a lot of activity at USNI. Here’s a quick update on how the essays from last year’s essay contest were used:

Oct 2016 Proceedings: 1st Prize – “Spark an Intel Revolution” by LT Xenachis, USNR (Title changed from original submission)
Dec 2016 Proceedings: non-winner - “Intelligence is Not Warfare” by CAPT Bill Bray, USN (Retired) (Title changed from original submission)
Jan 2017 Proceedings: 2nd Prize – “Integrate to Dominate” by CDR Mike Dahm, USN

The winning essay sparked some good comments online and also letters for Comment and Discussion.  Former Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Bill Manthorpe wrote a comment that was the lead letter in the December Proceedings issue Comment and Discussion section. The article by Bill Bray also generated a lot of discussion- and appeared the day after Bill retired!

Bill Hamblet indicates he has plans to use several other essays as Nobody Asked Me But, Now Hear This, Professional Notes or articles, but no slate is available as of press time. Read your copy of Proceedings to see the we haven’t put any on an upcoming slate yet

We are all looking forward to this year’s Naval Intel essay contest.  If the current trend continues, we expect upwards of a hundred submissions.
Go Navy!
- Editor