2016 Naval Intelligence Essay Contest Winners!


NIP is proud to publish the status of the winning entries in this year’s enormously successful essay contest, now run in collaboration with the U.S. Naval institute. The winning entries and their status is highlighted below.

Per the terms of our agreement with USNI, the essays will run first in the USNI Proceedings, although we will be posting “What Is Past Is Prologue” by Commander Nathaniel (Nate) Bailey, USN, the winner of the third place award. We will get them all up on the site as they are published in Proceedings. The winners were recognized at the Fall NIP Luncheon nu NIP Chairman Tony Cothron and USNI’s Editor in Chief, Mr. Fred Rainbow.

Congrats to all who participated under the gentle but determined guidance of NIP stalwart Nels Litsinger, including: authors, reviewers and a great mission partner, USNI! - Ed.


“Dangerous Pretentions: Information Warfare and the Inevitable Demise of Naval Intelligence”
By Captain William R. Bray, USN
Accepted as Article – Slated for December Proceedings

“Want to Win at Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare? Grow Information Warfare Commanders Now!”
By Commanders Matt Garrison and Bryan Leese, USN
Accepted as PN

“Harvesting the Electromagnetic Bycatch”
By Commander Timothy McGeehan, USN
Accepted as PN

“What Is Past Is Prologue”
By Commander Nathaniel (Nate) Bailey, USN
3rd Prize Winner – Naval Intelligence Professionals will publish online and will link the article to the U.S. Naval Institute website.

“Can We Be Better?”
By Commander Kenneth “Max” Klima, USN
Accepted as PN

“Nurturing a Revolution in Decision-Making Through Improved Geopolitical Foresight”
By Lieutenant Andreas Xenachis, USNR
First Prize Winner – Published in October Proceedings

“An Incomplete Story”
By Lieutenant Commander Wolf Melbourne, USN
Accepted as Article

“Assuring Leadership in Cyber Warfare” By Lieutenant Commander Sarah A. Sherwood, USN Accepted as a NHT - Slated for November Proceedings

“Naval Intelligence: Countering the Anti-Access, Area Denial Challenge”
By Lieutenant James David Boyle, USN
**Final decision pending editorial decision

“Cultural Immersion Proposal—Direct Diplomacy at its Most Basic Form”
By CTN2 Grayson W. Hart
Accepted as NAMB – Slated for November Proceedings

“Integrate to Dominate”
By Commander J. Michael Dahm, USN
2nd Prize Winner – Accepted as Article

“Outflanking Anti-Access/Area Denial in the Indo-Pacific”
By Lieutenant Brett L. Wessley, USN
Accepted as Article

“Deep Penetration of the Tools: Human-Machine Pairing and the Future of Naval Intelligence”
By Captain Dale C. Rielage, USN
Accepted as Article

“So What! What’s all this about”
By J.F. Holden-Rhodes, Ph.D.
U.S. Naval Institute is reviewing with the author.