2016 Red Tie Award Goes to JR Reddig

At the Spring Luncheon held at Army-Navy Country Club on 29 April, NIP Chairman Tony Cothron caught NIP Web Editor JR Reddig unaware when he presented the 2016 Red Tie Award to him as he was preparing to photograph the ceremony for the digital Quarterly.

Reddig has often called himself the “Jimmy Olsen, Cub Reporter” for the Quarterly, and was startled and visibly moved by the recognition from the organization that he joined while working in the old Navy Annex in 1986.

Chairman Cothron also presented Reddig, an inveterate scribbler of words, with a pen, custom crafted in Hawaii, with the barrel constructed of teak salvaged during restoration of the battleship Missouri (BB-63), scene of the surrender of the Empire of Japan to Allied forces in 1945.

Admiral Cothron read the following citation, which was contained in an elegant formal frame:
“For exceptional service and outstanding contributions during a distinguished 27 year navy career and for eight years of duty as the NIP Quarterly Editor. Let it be widely known, that Captain JR Reddig has earned the respect, admiration and appreciation of all Naval Intelligence Professionals

Captain JR Reddig was commissioned through Aviation Officer Candidate School in 1977 after graduating with a degree in History from the University of Michigan in 1973. Leading and excelling in every position, Captain Reddig served in the Fleet as a squadron, Air Wing and Numbered Fleet Intelligence Officer. His tours ashore included Korea, FOSIC PAC, 1630 Junior Officer Detailer, OPNAV, DIA, including JCS J2 during DESERT STORM. Retiring in 2003, he has excelled again in the Defense Industry. Throughout his career, Captain Reddig (aka Vic Socotra) has proven an exceptionally talented writer, providing his many daily readers with entertainment, cogent analysis and relevant commentary.

From 2005 to 2013, Captain Reddig volunteered as the Editor of the NIP Quarterly magazine and it was his extraordinary efforts which sustained and improved this important NIP legacy Of lasting significance has been his persistent efforts to record, preserve and publish the history of Naval Intelligence as seen by Rear Admiral “Mac” Showers, who served in Oahu during the Battle of Midway. Captain Reddig’s voluminous writings, tireless editing and his tremendous energy and creativity has provided a body of work with great relevance to NIP that preserved the rich history of Naval Intelligence.

Captain Reddig has truly distinguished himself and deserves our heartiest thanks for his past and continued contributions. BRAVO ZULU. Well done, shipmate!"

For the Naval Intelligence Professionals.

Tony L. Cothron
Rear Admiral, USN, Retired
Chairman, Board of Directors