NIP Chair Update

NIP Chair - Ms. B. Lynn Wright

Ms. B. Lynn Wright was elected NIP Chair in October 2021. Ms. Wright is a career civilian intelligence professional, with three decades of exceptionally dedicated work in our profession. Having started as a young submarine analyst at the Navy Operational Intelligence Center (NAVOPINTCEN), Ms. Wright’s contributions over her career and especially her six years as Deputy Navy DNI have been extraordinarily successful in refocusing Naval Intelligence on the threat from Great Power competition. She retired from federal service in 2019.

Oct 06, 2019

Chairman’s Update - October 2019

Fall is here and not only is it football and baseball playoff season, it’s also time to sign up for the annual NIP Open Board meeting and luncheon. This year, it will be on Friday, 11 October at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington. The Board meeting starts at 1000 and is open to all members. There…

Mar 26, 2019

Chairman’s Update - March 2019

Spring is the best time of the year - it’s about baseball, warmer weather and, of course, the birthday of Naval Intelligence. This year’s March 23rd will mark our 137th anniversary since the founding in 1882. Rear Admiral (Ret) Liz Train, NIP Foundation Committee Chair, will represent NIP in Suitland…

Dec 12, 2018

Chairman’s Report - December 2018

Reflecting on NIP and world events this year, two items stand out.  First, early this year, Secretary Mattis published a new National Defense Strategy which has refocused our nation’s military forces and Intelligence Community once again on great power competition.  It’s a thoughtful and actionable…

Apr 14, 2018

Chairman’s Spot Report - April 2018

Great attendance at our spring Red Tie Luncheon yesterday! We honored this year’s Red Tie Award recipients, George Fedoroff and Dennis Harry and had an incredible guest speaker, the Honorable Joe Kernan, VADM, Retired, the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.
Mar 30, 2018

Chairman’s Update - March 2018

NIP is off to another great start in 2018!  In addition to our San Diego and Capital chapters, we now have NIP mates getting together in Bahrain, Tidewater, New York, Omaha and Hawaii.  It’s always great to get together to share our sea stories and lessons in Leadership. We have had some terrific…

Dec 05, 2017

Chairman’s Update - December 2017

NIP has had another good year in 2017!  Our fall Board meeting and luncheon had over 100 people attending.  RADM Bob Sharp let us know that Naval Intelligence is doing well. Retention is good and the force is engaged and relevant supporting our Fleet and national security missions around the globe.…

Sep 05, 2017

Chairman’s Update - September 2017

Our Spring Red Tie luncheon was our largest ever with 204 people registering. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to be there, you missed a great opportunity to listen to and meet or reconnect with ADM Bob Inman.  He provided us some important observations on the importance and value of Naval…

Dec 18, 2016

Chairman’s Update - December 2016

We’re ending 2016 having had great success on our five initiatives to make NIP more Visible and more Relevant.  Our upgraded web site at provides a place for members to get the latest news and information about Naval Intelligence; and our new web editor, JR Reddig, is ensuring our content…

May 18, 2016

Chairman's SITREP - May 2016

NIP had a great turnout for the annual Red Tie luncheon held 29 April at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington. Over 180 people participated and there was a definite "buzz" in the room.
Mar 03, 2016

Chairman's Update - March 2016

More Visible - More Relevant

These are indeed, dangerous times.   This audience doesn't need to be reminded of the facts since you are getting them daily, whether in the SCIF, on board the ship or in the press.  There is a lot at stake and that is why your Board Members for…