Chair Update - March 2024

Greetings shipmates, colleagues, and friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday season and had quality time with loved ones. It’s hard to believe that the vernal equinox is already upon us, but we’ve certainly been experiencing it in all its glory here in the national capital region. I managed to get out for multiple quality trail runs over the past couple of weeks when the temperature was in the mid-to-upper 60s with absolutely no humidity—gouge! Let’s all commit to enjoying the beauty and joys of Spring where, when, and while we can.

Although we took time to celebrate the holidays, as you’ll see from this newsletter, the Naval Intelligence Professionals weren’t hibernating and have kept steaming all ahead flank. 

It’s been a busy start to 2024, and we have several important initiatives underway that I want to ensure you’re tracking: 

Partnering with N2/N6 and AFCEA: On the 12th of January we co-hosted a very successful Navy Information Wafare Industry Day at the TS//SCI level. The event was very well attended, and N2/N6 leadership dedicated a lot of leadership time and energy engaging with those who joined the daylong event. We shared some unclassified feedback from the session with NIP membership via ALLNIP and have already started discussions concerning next year’s Industry Day. I want to personally thank the AFCEA Intelligence Committee, and our then-acting Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI) Mrs. Jennifer Edgin, along with her entire team for their personal leadership and participation. It was key to our collective success. As you’ll note from the newsletter, we now have a new DNI, and we’ll look for opportunities to introduce him to NIP. Please join us for the Red Tie Luncheon on the 25th of April where you’ll get the opportunity to hear from our new DDNI, Mr. Steve Parode, directly. Registration is open and ongoing. 

NIP End-of-Year 2023 Donation Campaign: Although we shared this news already, it bears repeating. NIP received a total of $22,235 as part of our donation campaign, specifically designated for either the NIP General Fund, Project 2023, the Rear Admiral Shapiro scholarship program, or the Midway CVIC restoration project. In January 2024, we provided $20,000 to the Midway Museum to fulfill our monetary commitment to that cause. The funds raised from this campaign are critical to supporting our mission of advancing the awareness and knowledge of Naval Intelligence through the many programs led by our Foundation Committee, and we once again extend our deepest gratitude to all the generous donors who made our 2023 Donation Campaign a tremendous success! 

Recognizing Naval Intelligence Professionals’ Excellence: One of the great things we get to do as part of our organization is to help recognize the outstanding performance of our Naval Intelligence Professionals. The Office of Naval Intelligence will be celebrating its 142nd anniversary this Friday on the 22nd of March (one day early to avoid a weekend ceremony). NIP sponsors recognition of a number of intelligence officer, enlisted sailor, and civilian leadership awards, and I’ll be in Suitland to personally present plaques to this year’s awardees and to extend our gratitude for all they do for our nation (more details and pictures to follow). During our Red Tie Luncheon, we’ll of course be taking time to recognize some lifetime achievement. Please join us if able—did I mention that registration is open and ongoing?   

Expanding and Reinvigorating NIP Chapters: As I noted in my last update, you’ve likely noted additional social activities from the chapters being highlighted on our website. It warms my heart to see our shipmates carving out time to get together socially and professionally, and I’ve been enjoying the Capital chapter monthly events. As you’ll note in the newsletter, I also had the opportunity to engage with our San Diego chapter along with a host of other NIP members who were in town for WEST 2024. What a spectacular event! You’ll see additional details in the newsletter, but I think we quadrupled the expected attendance. I’d encourage you all to continue to plan these types of events and take time to get together. It’s a reminder of what makes our profession so very special—our people. Keep track of when you have leaders from the community visiting your areas and consider holding a no-host social event. For leaders within our profession, if you’re traveling to an area where we have a NIP chapter, reach out to their leadership in advance to see if they might be able to set something up while you’re in town. It’s truly worth the time and effort. Something else I want to highlight concerning chapters and membership: you’ll note that we’re holding a Spring membership drive competition. You are all duly (and permanently) deputized as NIP recruiters. Let the games begin!

Increasing Awareness of the Value Derived from Naval Intelligence Professionals: During my last update I mentioned that you’ll see us also investing in our ability to communicate outside our membership. As a 501(c)(3) we’d like to educate the public about the value our nation derives from its Naval Intelligence Professionals. Both our partnership with the USS Midway Museum and Project 2032 will provide us with the opportunity to tell our story. You’ll see an update on our USS Midway Museum efforts in this newsletter. I mentioned that ONI is about to turn 142 years old, which leaves us just eight years to complete Project 2032. We’ve been finalizing an update to the MOA initially signed between NIP, ONI, and the Navy’s History and Heritage Command, and we hope to have a signing soon. We’ve updated our website to keep our members informed of these two initiatives and to let you know how you can get involved. If you haven’t visited these pages, please take the time to do so:

In closing, I want to once again take this opportunity to thank all our Naval Intelligence Professionals who continue to serve our nation conducting critical missions around the clock and around the globe. Scanning the headlines daily, we know just how busy you all are, and we are truly grateful for all the sacrifices you and your families make on behalf of so many others.

Be well, and God’s Speed!

Best, Bob
NIP Chair