NIP Chairman’s Turnover and Update - December 2021

We are very pleased to pass the NIP Chairman’s role to Lynn Wright.  Lynn was elected along with new Board members during our fall meeting in October. A career civilian intelligence professional, Lynn has a great passion for Naval Intelligence, one that comes from the experience - and the highs and lows - of three decades of exceptionally dedicated work in our profession. We are also pleased to welcome to the NIP Board, former 10th Fleet Commander VADM (Ret) TJ White, Captain (Ret) Steve Shephard and Captain (Ret) Mark Greer. Mark takes over as Chair of the NIP Foundation while Captain (Ret) Bill Bray stays aboard as President of NIP, Captain (Ret) Rich Barkell remains as Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, and Captain (Ret) Stephanie Leung stays on as Secretary. We have a strong NIP Board of Directors, but non-profit organizations always need more volunteers, so please reach out to Lynn with your ideas and energy.

NIP also needs your financial support. All our NIP scholarships, service awards, history effort, web site and READBOOK are funding through memberships and your personal donations. Every dollar counts and if you are able, we would appreciate a donation of any amount. You can do so through the NIP website or just drop a check in the mail to NIP Treasurer, Box 11579, Burke, VA 22009-1579.  

We hope you have gotten your copy of this Fall’s 9/11 20-year memorial edition of the READBOOK.  It’s another outstanding publication and we have a few hard copies left that you can get by contacting editor Sue Himes. An electronic edition is also available on our website,, which we will be updating over this winter.  Our spring edition theme is “OPINTEL” and if you have an article or “sea story” (2,000 words or less) which relates to the art and science of our profession, please send it to Sue Himes at  

Also, at our fall Board meeting we announced a new initiative we’re tentatively calling the NIP Gouge Book. Requested by one of our NIP junior officer members who asked for something that explains “what I didn’t learn in NIOBC”, we’ll be targeting this hard copy publication at all new Naval Intelligence professionals, active duty and reserve officer enlisted and civilians. The format will be short “sea stories” that communicate timeless and essential information which embodies the culture of Naval Intelligence.  Captain (Ret.) Mo Fox is leading this effort and has LT Jason Spencer and ISC Jessica Billings working with her on this effort. If you have a short story (less than 1000 words) please send it to Mo Fox at

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve as your NIP Chairman for the last six years. Failing that math test at the recruiter’s office in Nashville led me to find out that in Naval Intelligence, as the recruiter told me, I would have a Top-Secret Clearance and read a lot. Sounded exciting and, well, he wasn’t wrong, but he really undersold the vast impact and immense satisfaction one can get from serving our country in this demanding profession. There is not a community anywhere in the Navy or the government which has more honor, courage, and commitment than Naval Intelligence. The relevance and impact of Naval Intelligence is immeasurable and it’s an honor to be associated with such work and such a great group of people. The one shortcoming I would highlight is that we don’t get out and talk enough about what we do. That’s NIP’s key role—to help in providing an understanding of the unique nature and value of Naval Intelligence.

My thanks to all of those currently engaged and serving. NIP is committed to supporting you and your incredibly important mission to provide decision advantage to the leaders of our Navy and our Nation. God Bless you all and Happy Holidays!

NIP Shipmates, I stand relieved. Lynn, you have the con for NIP.  God Speed!