Chairman’s Update - December 2016

We’re ending 2016 having had great success on our five initiatives to make NIP more Visible and more Relevant.  Our upgraded web site at provides a place for members to get the latest news and information about Naval Intelligence; and our new web editor, JR Reddig, is ensuring our content is timely and of interest to our members. 

Our partnership with the U.S. Naval Institute to relaunch a Naval Intelligence Essay contest was very successful with 37 entries received and $9,000 in prizes awarded.  The outstanding winning entry, “Spark an Intel Revolution” by LT Andreas Xanachis, was published in the October USNI Proceedings magazine.  Another contest entry that should spark some good debate, “Intelligence is not Warfare!” by Captain Bill Bray, was featured in this month’s magazine.   We will be conducting the essay contest with USNI again in 2017.  Contest details and theme will be disseminated in February.

Our mentorship efforts continue to expand and have included connecting a number of young professionals with senior mentors.  Here in the Washington DC Metro area, for example, we launched “3rd Thursday” gatherings which feature guest speakers at Sonoma Wine Cellar in Old Town Alexandria each month.  We’re continuing our 3rd Thursday events next year, and you can contact Mentor Committee lead Tony Brock to volunteer as a guest speaker for one of the events.

Project 2032 is our effort to capture 150 years of Naval Intelligence history.  Our key goal for this effort this year will be completed on 20 December when the Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Director of Naval History and Heritage Command and I all sign a memorandum of agreement which provides government sponsorship and will govern our volunteer support for this effort.  We’re looking for NIP members with an interest in researching, writing and editing to support Project 2032.  We’re also looking for donations or lending of pictures and material relevant to the history of Naval Intelligence.

This year, through the Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program, NIP awarded six individual $5,000 college scholarships to dependents of regular and reserve officer and enlisted intelligence personnel assigned to the sea services.  We had a large number of very impressive applicants this year.  Our 2017 scholarship program will kick-off in January and applications once again will be accepted through our NIP website.

Our spring and fall luncheon attendance this year was way up, and we’re looking for an even larger attendance for the 2017 Spring Red Tie luncheon on April 18th.  Our guest speaker will be Admiral Bob Inman, former Deputy DCI, DIRNSA and our 49th Director of Naval Intelligence.  As the first four-star intelligence admiral, hearing first-hand his career experiences and perspective on the importance of Naval Intelligence is something no one should miss!

You can help NIP be more visible and relevant. Our NIP organization continues a significant portion of its efforts only through the resources provided by member dues and any donations.  As a 501c3, tax exempt, non-profit organization, your contributions are tax deductible.  Please consider including NIP in your annual charitable gift giving efforts.  Contributions can be made through our web site or by check.

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Best wishes to all!