NAVIFOR Reservists Visit USS Midway Museum

On 11 April, USS Midway Museum docents Commander (Ret) Diana Guglielmo and Commander (Ret) Phil Eakin hosted 60 Information Warfare Reservists on the USS Midway, giving them a tour of the ship, including the CVIC spaces. The Reservists were on their two-week active duty for training.

A group of 60 IW Reservists from NAVIFOR on the flight deck of the USS Midway, 11 April 2024.
Diana Guglielmo talks to IW Reservists on flight of USS Midway.
Phil Eakin speaks to IW Reservists in the CVIC spaces during a tour of the USS Midway.
IS Master Chief Quentin Antes, NAVIFOR Reserve coordinator, thanks Phil Eakin for the tour of the USS Midway.