Dec 29, 2017

Naval Intelligence: Build Regional Experts

The first in a series Naval Intelligence Essays coming to NIP.
Dec 27, 2017

Naval Community Comms Line

COMONI's trenchant observations are contained in his regular unclassified updates to the Community. His "Naval Intelligence Community CommsLine" provides a fascinating look behind the scenes on issues confronting the active duty, retirees and civilian intelligence professionals who are serving or…

Dec 08, 2017

Spring NIP Luncheon | April 13, 2018

Dec 07, 2017

2018 National Capital Chapter Officers

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Rick Lanchantin has volunteered to serve as the Chapter Second VP.
Dec 07, 2017

Naval Intelligence Officer Honored with Award of "Order of Rising Sun"

I was directed by JMSDF to report to Grand Hill Ichigaya hotel by 09:00 on 10 November 2017.