NIP Chair Update

NIP Chair - Ms. B. Lynn Wright

Ms. B. Lynn Wright was elected NIP Chair in October 2021. Ms. Wright is a career civilian intelligence professional, with three decades of exceptionally dedicated work in our profession. Having started as a young submarine analyst at the Navy Operational Intelligence Center (NAVOPINTCEN), Ms. Wright’s contributions over her career and especially her six years as Deputy Navy DNI have been extraordinarily successful in refocusing Naval Intelligence on the threat from Great Power competition. She retired from federal service in 2019.

Dec 22, 2019

Chairman’s Update - December 2019

Our Fall Luncheon featured an update from VADM Matt Kohler who focused on the new CNO, ADM Mike Gilday, and on the status of Naval Intelligence. We also had an exceptional presentation by Commander (Ret.) Leah Amerling Bray on the State Department’s Global Engagement Center efforts to counter foreign…